I have a website called local-gringos.com since about 2004 and decided to start this forum for questions and answers as well as new information on Belize and S.E. Mexico. I have lived and traveled in the USA, Belize and S.E. Mexico. I have driven from the USA thru Mexico to Belize several times (car with trailer and motorhome). I’ve traveled Mexico and Belize by car, bus and motorcycle. I own 5 acres in west Texas about 60 miles from El Paso, which has a campground. I am in my 50’s and have 4 grown children and 16 grandchildren. I am a Certified Computer Tech. I am a farmer. I am a webmaster. I can also repair cell phones and tablets. I have trained Service dogs. I have a degree in Bible. I have taken photography and welding classes. I have a degree in Bus. Management and Computer Tech. I have been a house sitter and I have managed Hostels. I have traveled to Colombia, South America in 1980. I have traveled a lot in the USA by vehicle camping in Parks (National, State, County, BLM, Roadside,…). I will be returning to Belize in June 2018.